Discover the neighbourhood of Hotel Eikenhof:

Maria Cave

Hotel Eikenhof - Maria CaveYou can entirely calm down in this quiet Lourdes cave in Maldegem. This cave was built with concrete blocks from the demolition of the war airports of Ursel and Adegem. This is rather ironic.

The Maria Cave is particularly visited in May, when a pilgrimage is traditionally organized by The Friends of Lourdes of Maldegem.In 2005, the Maria Cave celebrated its fifty-year existence. Many people greeted Maria during this event.

This pilgrimage is situated near Hotel Eikenhof, where you can calm down in one of the splendid rooms.

Canada museum - Maple leaf World War II

Hotel Eikenhof - Canada museum - Maple leaf World War II - AdegemAre you interested to know how people lived in Flanders during the Second World War? The Canada Museum in Adegem tells you everything about it. Experience all realistic scenes of the mobilization, the occupation and the liberation.

Look at all the original pictures of the miniature battle fields of the Second World War or linger over the scenes in the 20-minute film. More than 200 models show how people really lived during WW2.

Do you want to relax after your visit to the war museum? This is possible in tearoom "de Canadees". Groupes are also welcome after reservation and you can enjoy the fresh dishes of their kitchen.

Attention please! The Canada Museum is closed on Monday.

During your visit to this authentic war museum, you can also enjoy the charming Japanese, English and French gardens in the Gardens of Adegem.

In the evening you can relax entirely in the cosy Hotel Eikenhof. Enjoy a nightcap in our café-bar.

Gardens of Adegem

Hotel Eikenhof - Gardens of AdegemAre you a nature-lover and can you enjoy greatly a green and quiet environment? Then you have to visit certainly the romantic Gardens of Adegem? These Japanese, French and English gardens are extraordinarily beautiful.

Let drive you on a bed of thousand roses in the splendid French garden or immerse yourself in a magical landscape with its glittering ponds and fizzing waterfalls in the English garden. In pursuit of your inner self? You will find undoubtedly what you want during a walk along the many boulders in the Japanese garden which symbolize the path of human life.

People, who adore magic and mystery, find in the exotic garden menhirs and a druid cercle to suit their taste.

Are you interested in some history? A visit to the Canada Museum in Adegem is worth the effort!

Relax completely in the evening in Hotel Eikenhof where you can enjoy a snack and a drink in the cosy café-bar.

Ostend (Oostende)

Hotel Eikenhof - OstendThe city of Ostend, the Queen of the Belgian sea-side resorts, is to be situated at a distance of approximately 50 km away from Hotel Eikenhof!

A stay at the Belgian coast is always pleasant. It's always very busy there. A residence in Hotel Eikenhof in Knesselare is then perfect. To reside in all rest and at only some kilometers from the coast: it is a perfect mix of the coast and rest! It is unbelievable what tourism in Ostend has to offer.

Discover the rich culture of this charming city at the seaside. Do not forget to visit Earth Explorer during your trip to Ostend. You discover in this interactive museum how the 4 forces of nature determine the landscape of our planet.

It is a perfect opportunity to visit Earth Explorer with your children. You will experience a unique combination of education and pleasure. Try the real simulators and experiment with some fifty activities. You find more information and the opening hours on the website of Earth Explorer:

Do you rather want to visit some culture in this beautiful sea-side resort? Have a look at the website of Toerisme Oostende ('Tourism in Ostend')for a survey of our activities:

Do you want to make a trip to the Belgian coast? Choose for a day in the city of Ostend and enjoy the sun, sea, beaches, etc.

Blankenberghe (Blankenberge)

Hotel Eikenhof - BlankenbergheAre you in pursuit of some rest, sun, sea and beach? Blankenberghe is to be situated at only 40 km from Hotel Eikenhof. Build together with the children sandcastles and enjoy the rays of sunshine. Furthermore, a professional team of rescuers watch over our and our children's safety.

Next to the popular tourism in Blankenberghe, this seaside resort is also the perfect location for a walking or bike holiday. Discover the many walk and bike roads that this seaside resort has to offer.

Would you like to enjoy gastronomy? Then you have come at the right place in Blankenberghe. Choose then one of the many restaurants where the most delicious plates are served.You are always welcome in the restaurant of Hotel Eikenhof for a refined dinner.

You certainly have to visit the the Sea Life marine park in Blankenberge. Discover the beautiful underwater world and the many animals which live there. Since this year, you can admire an exclusive exposition that shows a collection of exceptional crabs. Sealife in Blankenberghe, Belgium offers you different spider species, including the Japanese spider crabs and the unique coconut crab.

For more information on tourism in Blankenberge, you have to visit the website of Blankenberge:


Hotel Eikenhof - KnokkeDo you like a good walk on the sea dyke? Or you prefer to shop all day long in many exclusive shops? This is possible in Knokke!

You find everything what you're looking for at a distance of only 20 km from Hotel Eikenhof. In Knokke, you find innumerable walk and cycle routes across the polders, many restaurants and separate expositions. This will do for an interesting day trip.

In the cultural centre of Knokke, you can participate in artistic, social and educative activities. There you can enjoy movie performances, theater pieces, courses and different shows. Everyone can find here something to suit him.

A day of shopping in Knokke is a great experience. The renewed shopping streets consist of some 1500 shops. The fashion in Knokke-Heist offers certainly what you are looking for.

Do certainly not forget to visit the famous casino in Knokke. It may be your lucky day.
After a tiring day in Knokke, you can relax in one of the splendid hotel rooms of Hotel Eikenhof. Have a drink in our Tunisian bar before you enjoy a good night's rest.
Knokke in Belgium, the place to be! For more tourist information, you can always visit the website of Knokke:

Antwerp (Antwerpen)

Hotel Eikenhof - AntwerpAntwerp can be summarized in three words: heartwarming, charming and lively. This dazzling world city with its many possibilities is situated at some 75 km from Hotel Eikenhof.
The incredible architecture is extraordinarily beautiful, but music lovers will undoubtedly find something in the many jazz clubs and bars to suit them.

Enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many multicultural restaurants or have a fresh pint of beer in one of the numerous cafés.

Antwerp is a real dynamic city on world level, but it has also many quiet places in a green environment. People who are in search of a fresh mix of culture, history and world class have to be in Antwerp.

Do you want to make a trip with your children? The Antwerp Zoo is absolutely worth to be visited. You will discover the animal kingdom and you will undoubtedly learn many things.

Youngsters can also participate in many activities in Antwerp. Immerse yourself in night life and discover ‘Antwerp by night'. You will undoubtedly experience unforgettable moments.

Tourism in Antwerp is booming higher than before. Do you want to know more about this fantastic metropolis? Then you certainly have to visit the website of the city of Antwerp:

Hotel Eikenhof, that's again a good idea!

Ghent (Gent)

Hotel Eikenhof - GhentIf there is one city which you can fall in love with, then it is the city of Ghent. No matter how many times you have visited this heartwarming city, Ghent keeps surprising you! Discover the picturesque streets and follow your intuition.

If you are interested in some history, you can pay a visit to the Gravensteen, the oldest city fortress that is still one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

Across the Graslei you will discover Ghent at its best. This explains why this place is called the most beautiful street of Ghent. In the past, it was the centre of the medieval harbour. Today it is the meeting place for young and old. A pleasant talk or a refreshing drink in one of the numerous outdoor cafés across the water belong undoubtedly to the possibilities.

If you feel yourself a sailor, you can always enjoy a calming roundtrip in the tourist boats. Tourism in Ghent is certainly most rewarding!

Do you want to know more about this interesting place in East Flanders? Surf to the website of the city of Ghent in Belgium and discover all the possiblities:

After a pleasant and interesting day, Hotel Eikenhof welcoms you with open arms. Relax in our cousy café-bar and enjoy the beautiful weather on our marvellous terrace.

Bruges (Brugge)

Hotel Eikenhof - BrugesThe historical city of Bruges is not far away from Hotel Eikenhof and is one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Since 2000 this charming city belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage patrimonium.

Imagine yourself in the Middle Ages during an explorative walk through the twisting lanes and across the romantic avenues and enjoy an unforgettable city trip in Bruges.

Are you interested in some culture? Then you should certainly pay a visit to the many museums which describe the rich history of the city.

Are you rather interested in the culture of Bruges? Then the concert hall is the 'place to be'. The concert hall of Bruges is one of the most important in Flanders.

As a bon vivant you have to taste one of the meals in the numerous restaurants. There you will be very welcome.

If you wish more information about the charming city of Bruges, you can always surf to

A city trip to Bruges during your stay in Hotel Eikenhof? What a good idea!


Hotel Eikenhof - SluisAre you interested in a charming shopping day? Also on Sunday? Then the Municipality of Sluis in the Netherlands is the place of interest to be. This medieval city fortress attracts every year some 5 million of visitors. The cosy city centre inside the city walls offers the possibility to walk through the shopping streets or to have a meal or a drink in one of the different establishments.

The Municipality of Sluis is the centre of atmosphere and ambiance. Its rich history reminds you of the good old times.

Because the Municipality of Sluis in the Netherlands is much concerned about the needs of its visitors, the centre has been completely reorganized. All streets and places have a typical Flemish aura.

Also in the evening Sluis is worth to be visited. You can enjoy a romantic night walk under the magnificent street lighting.

The Municipality of Sluis in the Netherlands is all atmosphere!!

Sluis is located at only 30 km from Hotel Eikenhof and offers you the perfect day trip during your stay in the charming hotel in the Meetjesland.


Hotel Eikenhof - EekloWould you like to enjoy nature? No problem, the famous forest Het Leen in Eeklo is nearby. This provincial domain is the home base of more than 1000 different plant and fungi species and some 1200 animal species.

The education service of Het Leen provides visitors on demand with a professional guide. In the Forest Information Centre you find an answer to all your questions that occured during your walk.

But Eeklo is more than only nature. The city of Eeklo is the starting point for your visit to the Meetjesland. You find there rest and culture across the many walking routes. You can perfectly discover the region by feet, by bicycle and by public transport.

Visit certainly the three most important locations that realize sustainable development: the Galgenhof, the recycling shop and the wind turbine site.

Would you like to know more about the city of Eeklo? Surf to

Again a good idea during your stay in Hotel Eikenhof