Find here an answer to the Frequently Asked Questions about check-in, accommodation and breakfast.

When can we enter the room on the arrival date?

On the arrival date you can enter the room from 2 p.m. onwards.

When can we check in at the latest?

Normally you can check in till 6 p.m., unless otherwise stated in the reservation form (if necessary late arrival at 8 p.m. or even later).

If we have checked in, do we have to return to the hotel before a certain hour?

No, when you check in, you receive a slot card. This card allows you to enter the reserved room through the outside door. So, you can return to the hotel anytime you want.

What time is breakfast served and is this possible in the room?

The breakfast hours are very different. There are days when breakfast is already served from 5 a.m. onwards, but this will be discussed when you check in. Generally, breakfast is possible until mainly 10 a.m. Yes, it is also possible to order room service. Please let the reception know it the day before and then further arrangements will be made (for instance, the hour and the type of breakfast). We ask you, however, for this service a supplement.

When do we have to leave the room on the depature date?

We ask you to leave the room at 11 a.m.

Can we after the check-out stay on the room until, for instance 2 p.m.?

This is no problem. From 11 a.m. onwards we ask you a supplement of € 7 per hour. This price relates to one room. In this way the amount for a single room and a room for more persons are the same.

How can we reserve a room?

You can reserve your hotel room personally, by fax, by e-mail or by the reservation system.

What languages are spoken in the hotel?

In the hotel Dutch, French, German, English, Italian and Arabic are spoken, read and written fluently. There is a basic knowledge of Spanish and Russian.

Are animals admitted in the hotel?

Small pats, like a dog or a cat, are welcome in our hotel. We appreciate it that you let know this already during your reservation. We ask a small supplement of € 5 for the supplementary visitor. A maximum of 2 small pets is allowed per room.

Can we have a child's cot at our disposal in the room?

Yes, you don't have to bring along your child's cot. If you pay a small supplement, you can use a child's cot of the hotel. Nobody forbids you to bring along your child's cot.